laura deus

About Me

Laura grew up in Southern Portugal and discovered her passion for photography as a child, playing with her dad's film cameras. Later, she developed a love for architecture as a student at the University of Coimbra. Obviously, her Master's Thesis ended up exploring the relationship between the two topics, with a focus on the Construction of the Architectural Imaginary: Photographic Influences.

Currently based in Lisbon, Laura combines her interests by designing spaces as an architect and capturing the beauty of places through photography. Her ultimate passion is to connect buildings and people to tell stories.

In 2022, Laura was the winner of the Early Career and Emerging Talent Architectural Photography Award by APAlmanac, one of the biggest platforms for Architecture Photographers around the world.

When she's not designing or photographing buildings, you can find her making itineraries for travelling the world: Laura is an avid traveler and keeps a list of buildings around the world that she hopes to visit one day.